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Myths about Atheists

Who I am is very important to me and it really upsets me when people judge me by my religious beliefs alone. The following is an attempt to discredit the commonly held myths that most people associate with atheists. As with any generalization, there may be some atheists who these myths are in fact true about. However, I myself have never met any and seriously doubt that more than a few exist outside of the paranoid minds of die-hard Christians.

Myth #1- Atheists are evil, uncaring, immoral, etc.
It is an unfortunate aspect of human nature that people automatically place these labels on those who have different beliefs. Just because we don't believe in God does not make us evil. We each have ethical beliefs that guide our lifestyles. Using the Christian idea of the "typical" atheist it would be nearly impossible to identify an atheist by what we say and do in everyday life. We have a lot less hate and anger in my life than do a lot of Christians and we are true to ourselves.

Myth #2- Atheists became atheists after they were hurt and lost their faith in God.
This could be true in some cases, but as for myself, and other atheists I know, we are the way we are because we just couldn't swallow the stories about God. Maybe our minds are too rational or too logical.

Myth #3- Atheists are ignorant.
OK, whatever! Many of the great scientists, philosophers, and scholars of the world did not believe in God. Hmmm, I think there may be a connection here…

Myth #4- Atheists are unhappy.
We are proud of our beliefs and of our independence as free-thinking individuals. Being an atheist has made me a stronger and better person. I am responsible for my own actions and I act for myself to achieve my goals instead of depending on some higher power. I govern my actions well, because I have no one to blame but myself.

Myth #5- Atheists have been brainwashed by Satan.
Excuse me… I have to laugh at this one!

Myth #6- Atheists are "out to get" your children.
I am not out to lead innocent children to a life of evil like some sort of dark Pied Piper. My beliefs are my beliefs, not your beliefs. I can respect that. I don't like it when others push their beliefs on me and I try not to do the same. However, occasionally there are certain situations in which I must defend my beliefs.