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Welcome to Flying Squirrel's Nut-House

(WARNING: This page does not prevent tooth decay. You should visit your dentist regularly.)

Greetings and thanks for stopping by my homepage. In real life my friends call me Jenn. Currently I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming where I work at CBS News Channel 5. Originally I am from Orlando, Florida where I majored in Broadcasting at the University of Central Florida.If you must learn more about me click here... NO, don't click there here! The purpose of this page is... well, it has no purpose. You will find many meaningless links that deal with things I like. Maybe one day I'll post the movie script I've written. It's called The Incredible Adventures of the Karate Baseball Chimp. What an ORIGINAL idea!!! It's destined to be a classic! It's about time they make a movie about these things! Do you recognize sarcasm when you stumble into it? Seriously now... I do plan to post some creative writings and musings eventually. Enough chatter... ON WITH THE PAGE!!!(insert bugle fanfare here)

My Photo Gallery

Click here to see some pictures of me and various people and stuff.NEW PICTURES ADDED 11/2/98

Philosopher's Corner

Myths About Atheism
More coming soon!!! (as soon as I get off my lazy butt and type all this stuff up!) Links to my beliefs about religion, the world today, and other stuff that goes on in this twisted mind of mine.


(my commentary on the unexplained as well as links to great sites dealing with the paranormal.)

A Good Book is a Good Friend

Here are some of my favorite authors...

Music... a window into the soul

Music is a very important part of my life. The role of music in our lives is fascinating. I would love to take some time to research this as well as how our music preferences help determine who we are. Here is a good sampling of some of my favorite artists. Maybe my true personality will be revealed...

You can find these bands at CDnow

GOOD Television ?!?!

There is such a thing as good TV...and I'm NOT talking about Melrose Place!

Long Live Independent Film!

While in Florida I gained an appreciation for film as art by working for the Enzian Theater, home of the ever-growing FL Film Festival. Click on the Enzian logo to learn more about this amazing little art house, this year's festival, and previous festivals.

Miramax is doing its part to distribute great films that those of us who do not live in NY or LA may not get the chance to see otherwise. Drop by the Miramax Cafe to see what's on the menu. And fot the in-your-face-lowdown, stop by Film Threat Online...Holywood's Indie Voice

Odds and Ends

Here are some sites that are worth visiting...

My Friends

Here are the pages of those crazy enough to be my friends.

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[Evil Atheist Conspiracy].............mail me with your random musings.

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